Tuesday, 5 February 2008

In Case Of Need For A Glamorous Dress...

....have a look at the work of Anna Fuchs, a german designer from Hamburg. Anna is focussing on the creation of glamorous dresses influenced by the style of the 40's. Since she was little, her great style example was Lauren Bacall and she soon dressed like her herself. You easily notice her passion for real glamour and feminin clothes when you look at her design. You will not find any pant in her shop because, according to her opinion, it should be a pleasure for women to wear dresses. Her pieces are timeless and out of trends. I could imagine diva-tastic Dita von Teese wearing her pieces well. She would be the perfect customer and Anna would certainly be happy to win her as reference customer.

After her diploma from secondary school, Anna decided to become a tailor. She lived in Buenos Aires where she autonomously created dresses for the argetine women. They appreciated her work for emphazising on female beauty. I am not sure if german women do so as well, but it seems to work. Anna has now her own boutique in Hamburg and does everything on her own: Shopping for fabrics, designing and tailoring. For those who love her dresses as much as I do and who are not able to pass by her boutique - There is the possibility to shop online

As much as I would like to support young desigers, I still consider her prices a bit out of the range. But I guess everybody has a different budget and limit how much to spend on what. 500 EUR for an unique evening dress might be worth it.

Anna Fuchs
Karolinenstrasse 27
D-20357 Hamburg
Tel. +49 (0) 40 401 85 408
Fax +49 (0) 40 412 895 56
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Saturday 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

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