Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Girl Of The Moment: Giovanna Battaglia

Former model and current stylist Giovanna Battaglia seems to be the "muse of the season". She has been mentioned in several blogs (Garance Doré, The Sartorialist, The Fashionspot) for her effortless style and attitude and, especially in this case, for her beauty. As Vogue Paris is always a cutting-edge example with their editorials, she has been referenced in the April Issue in their "Une Fille Un Style" section.
Especially "Une Fille Un Style" as well as the "En Vogue" section make Paris Vogue so special. There are many other magazines trying something similar now (especially referencing fashion personalities with their favorite items) but none reached the professional and inspiring level of Paris Vogue so far. A real pleasure to read and view month by month.

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