Monday, 10 March 2008

What A Combination! Kate And Hedi!

Hedi Slimane's recent exhibition "Kate Liberation" which opened in Gallery Koyanagi in Tokyo on March 8th caught my attention. Not only because of the results itself, but also because of the characters who worked on this project. Slimane is one of the greatest fashion designers ever who has a background in furniture design, fragrance, store design and photography. Hi might even be one of the most respected designer of all time well known for the slim silhouette of his clothes. He braught back the skinny jean and Kate made it famous. Kate changed the fashion attitude from 80's to the 90's and made Calvin Klein cool. Hedi did the same with Dior Homme. Kate is the role model Hedi preferes and she is the ex-girl friend of his close friend Pete. These are exactly the facts that make this collaboration that interesting. What came out?

Photos show off Kate posing in a vintage style room. The work of Kate and Hedi is simple (a pack of cigarettes and a camera) and elaborately perfect. The most glamorous way to celebrate International Women's Day (less statement but more beauty).
Kate's Liberation - Gallery Koyanagi Koyanagi

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