Wednesday, 12 March 2008

You Wear It Well Mr. Ronson

Quite some time has passed since I posted about a musing male dresser. You always see the "usual suspects" at fashion shows and I don't want to do re-post on fashion editors. This post is about a man who is as sartorial as one could be: The music producer and DJ called Mark Daniel Ronson. 2008 was quite a successful year for him so far and it is also the year where his style caught my attention. As this should be a fashion blog, I skip to enroll the controversial discussion about his current projects and former career as so called "celebrity DJ".
Nevertheless, I cannot ignore his connection to a lot of celebrities because of a priviledged family background which makes it easy to socialize early with the right contacts. This background may also have influenced his way of dressing. Mark Ronson is everything about good manners, smart and tailored dressing without missing to be hip and I mean really hip.

His style is obviously influenced by the 60's and he himself represents the beauty and class of Alain Delon combined with the coolness of Bob Dylan. Sharp tongues might say that he is only a copy which has been put together well, but that would be as unprofessional claiming that Kate Moss is a copy of Brigitte Bardot. Most people are influenced by a way of dressing which existed already and it is still a question of taste how you actually combine clothes yourself. He himself described his style in an interview for the Guardian like this "Dior was the first shop I ever tried for high-end fashion. But then everyone started ripping off Hedi Slimane so I moved on. My thing is not only skinny pencil jeans and Camden fashion, it's a little more developed than that."

His music taste and strong preference for Hip Hop is not necessarily reflected in his clothes. Mark mentioned this aspect referring to the Beasty Boys "who brought back the Pumas with the fat laces where he would wear them with jeans and a hoodie". "I was always careful not to pretend to be something I wasn't", he says. And this is true. His personal style is all about looking sartorial, sharp and tailored. It's about glittering suits, tuxedo blazers and knit cardigans, looking like the man he is with origins from a wealthy but cool family background. To focus on his style, I attached photos of a shoot he did for GQ magazine together with Elodie Bouchez in Paris where he re-enacts scenes from his favourite movies. "I was obsessed with Alain Delon in Le Samouraï and Jean-Paul Belmondo in Breathless and paying homage to them in that shoot really helped fix the idea in my head," he says and shows.

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