Wednesday, 5 March 2008

What Is It This ...?

Yesterday after my exams I had a little celebration with my dearest female friends in Germany. We sat together in the perfect restaurant, with a perfect three-course-dinner, the perfect Pinot-Noir and a simple, stupid but nevertheless important enaught to discuss topic: Germany's Next Topmodel. As the three of us are very and I mean really very different there were also three different opinions on this topic. I personally have such a feeling of dislike for Mrs. Heidi Klum Marketing Product, that I cannot even express it with words. There is so much superficialty and frugalness based on this person, that I cringe when I see her.

But this is not the worst...therefore I need to release myself from the following words:

Dearest Heidi Klum,

We all know that your so called model career is over since years. It was never a real model career anyway, apart from Victoria's Secret. You were one of the less talented and most successful models that ever existed. I assume John Casablancas told you already.

Now that your so called career is over you are searching for a worthy successor. This is not an easy thing to do especially when she needs to outplay you with tastelessness. The first finalists seemed to be unable to take your place. I agree.

The third season shows now a new face which could be the new "Heidi", a girl called Gina-Lisa or Lisa-Gina. A girl who won Miss-Contests, a girl who is a permanent solarium, a girl who is primitive, a girl who is stupid superficial, ugly and exhausted at an early age. She must be even more exhausted as you are. Nevertheless you live the American Dream with a perfect house in the Hollywood Hills, the perfect husband some other material things. Don't worry Heidi, germans are still proud of you. And to be honest, why should't they? You can even can sell your husband. Some people marry a family and you sell yours. But that's fine in terms of completeness of the picture.

When I saw the photos and especially the video of the "Gina-Miss" I thought, that's her! She is Germany's next topmodel. Who else could represent culture, trends and Heidi better then her. People work 8-12 hours a day why should they listen to qualified TV entertainment? Gina's jokes about her butt are perfect and a running gag in fuddy-duddy offices. She is everything Germany needed. We never had a Katie Price and we never had a Pamela Anderson, but we will have Gina now.

Thanks for that Heidi. Make her your successor. She is worth it!



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