Friday, 26 January 2007

Fashion I like...Clement Ribeiro

Yesterday I came home from work and found a little notice in my letterbox saying that I could fetch a package by Yoox at my neighbour. My heart made a leap forward because I knew that all the nice things I baught at Yoox Sale have arrived. JIPPPIHHH...You should know that I did not buy anything for month because I was waiting for Yoox winter sale which is probably the best to get unique fashion. I still live in Germany and there is not a lot you can get here which stands out of the queue. Everything was perfect but there was one piece which was really outstanding: The CLEMENT RIBEIRO bermuda I got for 62 EUR (original price 250 EUR). I already noticed that Clement Ribeiro designs really special pieces which really apply to my taste last year when he designed a special line for yoox. Having said that I am waiting until February to get the RIBEIRO Wool jacket. It is really sweet and normally I avoid to wear "sweet pieces" because it really makes me look childish - but this is too sweet actually....and it is a Kat like me...

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