Monday, 15 January 2007


Rankin started taking photographs at the age of 20 while studying in Brighton. This was unusual because his parents were merchandisers and the would have liked their son to follow their foot steps. After his studies he decided to go his own way and published together with his friend Jefferson Hack the Dazed & Confused, a British style magazine. Topics covered in Dazed & Confused include music, fashion, film, art and literature. Jefferson as well as Rankin make a good combination. Jefferson had an eye for upcoming trends and talents and Rankin was the one who put this into pictures.
The current exhibition is called "Beautyfull" a series of photos of women such as Vivienne Westwood, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and many more to explore female beauty. I personally like the series called "Tuulitastic - a photographic love letter" where he photographed model and girlfriend Tuuli Reynolds. The exhibition took already place in London at "The Gallery" on Charing Cross Road in November. All the photographs were taken by Rankin over a three year period and it is possible to see a development of style and attitude within them. It has now been published in a book you can order via
My favorite fotos are the photo collages of Tuuli. They are authentic, creative and sexy. Link to his website:

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