Monday, 8 January 2007

Germanys next Topmodel 2006

I'm so glad to have this blog now to state my opinion on "Germany's next Topmodel" of 2006. There were three finalists at the end. Two of them were looking very "usual" blond hair, healthy look, behaving politely, low key and in line with the concept. There was another one called Jennifer Wanderer. She was different, very quite...nearly shy. She had not the usual charme of the others but she was unique, made the best photos, was best on the cat walk and was the most changeable one. Unfortunatelly she was the wrong one for Germany. I don't now if it is different in other countries but in Germany you don't have to have rough edges. The audience wanted an always laughing happy and friendly girl as a winner who is smiling all the time and who is a worthy successor of permanently smiling ordinary model Heidi Klum - everybody's darling. This is something which makes me sad...why doesn't the unordinary ones get a chance....only one time. I discussed this with my boyfriend. He, as a man of course thaught Lena Gercke as winner was the right one because she would be more beautyful (which means more ordinary in my opinion in this case) and better for this job. I think that at the point of time Heidi and the jury presented the results, they knew that this "unhappy" Jennifer Wanderer would be the better model. It comforts me that both now have a contract with IMG models and that if you look at their bookings Jennifer is defintely the better one! So there is still justice in life...

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