Thursday, 25 January 2007

Fashion I like...Everything In Yve Klein's Blue

The Stylehunter reports on about catwalk news. One of the reports was dedicated to the "Yves Klein" blue, which had been used for many of the new designs. It is a wonderful nuance of blue which has been created and used very often by the french artist Yves Klein for his sculptures, paintings and drawings. Yves Klein belonged the artisic movement of "Nouveau Réalisme"founded in 1960 which was counted as "Avantgarde".
I visited a beautyful villa this year in Como (Italy) and found flowers which reminded me of that colour. I took a lot of photographs and told my boyfriend that I would use this colour a lot if I were a designer. As I am neither a designer nor do I have blue eyes I just make make a post about the PERFECT BLUE.

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