Monday, 22 January 2007

Fashion Interview with Lisa Voelkl, 25 years, medicine student

KS: What do you wear today?

LV: I am wearing a top I baught in Rome from "BLUE SAND" combined with black Skinny Jeans (LTB - "Aspen"). I wear them in my Buffallo London Boots. Jewelery is vintage. The armreif is a present from my grandma and very old. I love it. It is one of my favorite pieces.

KS: What do you consider as key pieces a woman should invest in?

LV: I would defintelly invest in a pair of perfectly fitting jeans. I love jeans and my favourite buys are jeans. Furthermore you should not go without a pair of nice heels. It is important that those are comfortable so you could wear them day and night. Sunshades is something which needs a designer label because it is a statement accessoire. I am always searching for a unique and comfortable top I could wear for different occasions. When I travel for example it is nice to have a vest or jacket you could wear with an sophisticated top as well as combined with a casual shirt.

KS: What do you consider as key pieces a man should invest in?

LV: With the shoes it is the same as for women. A man should have a nice pair of shoes which could be worn day and night. A pair of sneakers is great but it should not be to sportive and casual. A stylish jeans is also important for a man. According to my opinion a man does not need to invest as much as a woman. He could look nice with just a nice pair of jeans and t-shirts. Designer Sunshades is a "must" for men as well.

KS: What do you plan buy next?

LV: I never plan! I follow my impulses.

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