Monday, 8 January 2007

Fashion Interview with Alicia Schmidt, 35 years, nurse, 2 kids

KS: What do you wear today?
AS: A cord pant (Waschbaer), a ESPRIT top, a terry pullover (Roman's) and black shoes from Goertz

KS: How would you describe your way of dressing?
AS: It is a mixture of convenient, situation adapted pieces combined with individual different buys.

KS: What do you consider as key pieces a woman should invest in?
AS: Every woman definitelly needs convenient but attractive Boots which flatter the form of their feet. Furthermore I always liked unique hats and this is something important for me to invest in. A perfectly fitting jeans is definite as well as perfectly fitting skirt. I would also invest in a feminine top.

KS: Where do you find your clothes?
I tend to prefer nordish designers. To by those I need to order online. I am also searching for little boutiques which specialize on special designers (for example the nordish ones). Second Hand and Vintage shops are also a nice source for unique pieces.

KS: How important is fashion for you and why?
AS: Fashion is and was always important for me. It is an instrument to express yourself and to find your own place in society. Last but not least it is great to see your own trend and development by the clothes you wear and have been currently wearing.

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