Friday, 5 January 2007

Fashion Interview with André, 31 years, Controller

KS: What do your wear today?
  • Jil Sander for Puma Shoes
  • Seven for all Mankind Jeans
  • Les Copains Polo
  • Paul Smith striped knit west

KS: What do you consider as key pieces every man should have?

AK: Every man shoul invest in a watch like I did this month. A perfect fitting jeans is a must. I prefer Seven for all Mankind for myself. A black suit and cravat is mandatory and could be combined in severel ways.

KS: What do you consider as key pieces every woman shoud have?

AK: Every woman should have black high heels as well as a black short dress.

KS: Who is your favorite designer and why?

AK: Stone Island because their clothes are ageless, the materials are of high quality and specially put together. Furthermore, their clothes are very comfortable and could be worn every day.

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