Friday, 5 January 2007

Fashion Interview with Miriam Salfer, 31 years, Personal Assistant

KS: What do you wear today?
MS: I am wearing Brown Boots (Laura Cente), Black Pants (H&M), a Black Knit Top (Tom Tailor), Black underwear top (Joop!), Watch (Cartier), Ring (Cartier)
KS: What do you consider as key pieces every woman should invest in?

MS: Every woman should definitelly invest in black elegant pants, black High Heels, a nice designer belt which should have the same colour as her shoes and bag, a label designer bag and designer sunglasses.

KS: What do you consider as key pieces every man should invest in?

MS: Nearly the same things as for women, except the high heels. Here we go:

  • Nice pair of Jeans
  • Cute shoes
  • Chemise
  • Nice Pullover

KS: Who is your favorite designer and why?

MS: I like the young labels as GSUS and Fornarina because they design unique pieces. For jeans I would definitelly go for Fornarina.

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