Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Jefferson Hack...A Modern Gentleman

Last week I got feedback from a male friend to include "Men Style" in my blog. I decided if it was possible for me to include it because I deal with women's style most of the time. I decided to start this section by finding a man whose style I really like. It took me 3 days to figure that out. This morning while browsing through www.dazeddigital.com, I finally got the satori. I like every single piece and outfit Jefferson Hack, publisher of Dazed & Confused and Another Magazine, is wearing. Again he is an english guy...I am wondering if I am obsessed with them but I guess not...of course I am only obsessed with my one and only man but I am not bound to say that I love the way english men dress. If I was a man I would prefer to go for english designers like John Richmond (wonderful ads), Alexander McQueen, Burberry Prorsum and Paul Smith. The problem with this style is, that you really have to be slim - as Jefferson Hack is. But isn't it the same with women's fashion? Why should only women suffer from eating less to wear all the nice cuttings? So to all the men: "Eat less and you will definitely look wonderful adopting the style of the english gents!"

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